If You Have a Problem That Will Not Move! Built Me An Alter by Rev Dr. Brian Richards

Now If you are a Christian and want to be blessed with some Cash then I suggest you do this first O.K.
We have learned that this is a secret from the Old Testament that still works in the New Testament Church!
The New Testament Church Started on the day of Pentecost, and even Jesus Himself was Baptized in the Old Testament
Matthew 28:18 was the way everyone was Baptized because the New Testament had not started yet! O.K.
So now we see in Acts 19: verses 1-7 that people was Baptized a second time to receive the Holy Ghost or (Holy Spirit)

So it is best to do something the right way, the Scriptual way to be Baptized is in Jesus Name Acts 2: 38

Call-For-Cash by Christian Business Men.

Call-For-Cash by Christian Business Men. Posts My Name Reverend Dr.Brian Richards, Spiritual Tent Maker Ministry and Business Man

My Name Reverend Dr.Brian Richards, Spiritual Tent Maker Ministry and Business Man

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